Personal Loan is a form of Term Loan, where banks lend you a sum of money with interest for a fixed period. Simple repayment plans of up to 84 months, with no collateral or guarantor required.


Mortgage refers to purchasing either a under-con development project or sub sales. Refinancing refers to remortgaging your existing property to consolidate your liability or taking “cash-out” from your property.


Credit card consolidation is a refinancing feature to consolidate the outstanding balance from your existing credit card or personal financing, which can help you to reduce monthly payment commitment and manage your cash flow better.

Unsecured Loan

Also named as good faith loans or signature loans , unsecure d loans represent those loans do not require the borrower to pledge any collateral . The team from Cuprate will review the borrower's financial background, such as the minimum revenue and credit score, to determine whether the particular business loan application is able to obtain the best interest rate.

Secured Loan

The secured business loan requires a specific piece of collateral, such as business assets or commercial property. The secured loan has a better loan offer compared to an unsecured loan. With the years of experience in the financial services sector, SME Ringgit believes to achieve results others can't as we understand what it takes to loan approval effectively.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is a form of short term borrowing which is extended by the bank or a lender to its customers based on unpaid invoices. Invoice financing allows the business to retrieve an immediate cash injection and an ongoing source of funding linked directly to current sales. As business grows and sales increase, so does the amount of working capital that the invoice financier can make available immediate.

Working Capital Financing

Working capital financing is defined as a finance tool to fund your company’s investment in short term assets such as accounts receivable and inventory, and to provide liquidity so that the company can fund its day-to-day operations including payroll, overhead and other expenses. It is generally flexible, with varying interest rates and repayment terms. This flexibility can help companies with seasonal or periodic fluctuations smooth out cash flow.

Letter Offer Financing

By understanding your direction for business scalability, we assist your business to apply for Letter Offer Financing Service. The lo an amount is pledged into the platform when the amount disposed into 3-5 months upon registration. The Letter Offer Financing enables the company to distress from the financial worries.

Micro Financing

Generally, micro financing is suitable for the SMEs are companies with annual sale s turn over and assets valued at less than RM30 0,000 and with fewer than 5 employees, including the business owner. The benefits of Microfinance are to grant resources and access to capital to the financially underserved, such as those startup SMEs or the expanding companies.

SME PROPERTY Refinancing

SME business owners can leverage their property which is “free from encumbrance” or low outstanding amount to obtain margin up to 148% for property & working capital financing.


Businesses have collection issues from their account receivables , resulting in needing legal support to prepare Letter of Demand in the process of legal proceedings.


Our services also include stamping of Project Letter of Award, Tenancy Agreement …etc. SSM search refers to our secretarial services to allow business owners to make changes to their company such as changes in director/shareholder ship, paid up capital, accounting and auditing.

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